Did you know?

of the brain is developed by the time a person is five years old
of third-graders reading below grade level never catch up
workers are projected to work in STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, and math) jobs by 2018
of jobs nationally require some form of postsecondary education

Our vision is that ALL students ACHIEVE their highest educational potential. How can an entire community positively IMPACT education for ALL students? Through a process called COLLECTIVE IMPACT!

Why Collective Impact?



Large scale, systemic community change.


Builds on existing best practices


Cross-sector conversations and collaboration


Empower, Connect, Achieve


Creates a common language and frame


Establishes sustainable process

Our Focus Areas

Setting Common Measures to Reach Smart Goals

Early Childhood Learning

Birth – 3rd Grade – Ages 0-8

Middle Grade Achievement

4th Grade – 8th Grade – Ages 9-13

High School and Postsecondary Success

9th Grade – Credential – Ages 14 – Adult

Our Goal Setting Steps

From Cradle to Career
Leadership Teams set focus area
Data Support Team gathers publicity available metrics
DST / Data Analyst weighs pros and cons of publicly available metrics
DST / Data Analyst selects 1 - 3 metrics
DST / Data Analyst reviews trends and sets baseline for each metric
DST / Data Analyst draft SMART goal targets
Leadership Team reviews and approves goals

Impact Stories

The Collective Impact process is all about a community of partners working together to achieve a goal no one of them could accomplish on their own. Our mission at Educate Midland is to help facilitate these interactions and serve as the backbone for progress as the community seeks to address deeply entrenched social issues. What follows is an example of what can be achieved through effective use of the Collective Impact Model.

Over the past few years, Midland Memorial Hospital has adopted a “culture-of-ownership” program as a new way of doing business. Developed by leadership consultant, Joe Tye of Values Coach, the program is part of staff development and helps align staff members’ personal values with those of the hospital. This approach has resulted in positive cultural changes and higher nurse retention rates.

When Joe Tye and staff from Midland Memorial Hospital presented to the Educate Midland Leadership Team about the success of the culture-of-ownership program at the hospital, participants got a glimpse of what a collective impact strategy might look like. What if a results-based strategy for cultural change and staff retention at the hospital could be leveraged to support the desired cultural change and teacher retention in the school district?  Read More.

The ability to read and write is a foundational component to a child’s educational development and success over time. Educate Midland believes in highlighting and broadening the community efforts toward early literacy. This is why Educate Midland joined its community sponsors in encouraging greater participation in summer reading programs to prevent “summer slide” among school-aged children. Educate Midland joined forces with the United Way of Midland for a summer book drive that resulted in over 5,000 books collected for reading program partners and for distribution at Little Free Libraries around town.

The Midland County Library, Midland ISD, and the Texas Center for the Book also partnered up with Educate Midland to engage the community’s participation in the Letters About Literature contest, a state and national reading and writing contest by the Library of Congress for 4th-12th grade students. Read More.


When one concerned mom wanted to do something to help struggling students achieve greater academic success, she turned to the community around her and to Educate Midland for help.  Immediately, she perceived a need for consistent, subject-specific tutoring and mentorship beyond the classroom. She realized her greatest resource was her church congregation, a group with open hearts and sharp minds. With volunteers on-board,  students in need began to be matched with tutors for after-school tutoring at the church right across the street from the school. Read More.

How do we facilitate conversation between education stakeholders around a common goal? What are some of the world’s best practices in education? Which education leaders will help build community awareness and motivation for educational excellence? These are some of the questions that led Educate Midland to present the Education Impact Series.

Sponsored by the Abell-Hanger Foundation, the series was created to bring in some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders in education and learning and serves as a catalyst to motivate and challenge our entire community to reach for excellence in education. Read More.

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