It is said that “heroes come in many forms.”  Our family’s hero is a 1 TO 1 tutor by the name of Eric Staib.

My daughter Michelle is a freshman at Midland College.  For various reasons, she has always struggled with algebra.  She spent her first semester at MC repeatedly taking the TSI Placement test for math.  She took the remedial class and unfortunately did not pass. She did just about everything we knew to do; she studied and even participated in the online training program.   She was so stressed out about the test that she scored poorly, and had to change from a degree plan to a certificate program as a result. Her dream is to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Development and work with our communities “littles,” and she refused to give up and let a placement test dictate her future.

At the end of our rope and not sure which direction to go, I called my friend Laurie Boldrick with 1 TO 1 tutoring.  Keep in mind, it was summer, and school hadn’t even started yet. Additionally, my daughter was in college, not high school.  In only a few short days, I was given Eric’s contact information. Eric was willing to help as long as Michelle was willing to put in the work and do her best. The college course that Michelle was taking, an 8-week remedial algebra class, served as “TSI clear” in math. It was self-paced and online.  Eric met with Michelle and evaluated her skill level. He determined and informed her that she struggled with basic math concepts. After only one meeting with Eric, she came home very hopeful and ready to go to work. Michelle would do her review, study, and meet with Eric to “button up” and then take the chapter exams.  If she failed the exam (less than 70%), she would meet with Eric to review again and then retake it (she was required to retake it if less than 70%). She only had to retake one exam! Meanwhile, her confidence soared, not only in math but her other courses as well. Up until then, she had struggled with purpose and grades.  She began caring about her grades and wasn’t happy with less than her very best (a huge difference from her previous attitude of, “well a C is passing so it’s good enough.”) She completed the 8-week course in less than 4 weeks! She also completed it with a B. She has never received such a good grade in math before. Michelle has a part-time job in childcare and sent me the following text last week: “MOM! I am so proud of myself, this boy had to do a percentage problem in math (a word problem) and I helped him, but they taught him a confusing way so I told him there’s an easier way and I taught him how and he got the answer right, I guess there IS a reason to know algebra after all!”

I have never actually met Eric (as Michelle is 19), but he is our true-life hero. Not only did he help her with math, but he helped her self-confidence.  He actually got her excited about her future (and even math). We owe him so much, and all he asked of her was that she “do her best.” Not only has she succeeded, but she is flourishing.  If your child is struggling with any subject, I highly recommend that you try one of the tutors in the 1 TO 1 program. See the list below of available campuses, and if that schedule doesn’t work, please give us a call at Educate Midland (818-2620) and we will do our best to put you in contact with a tutor.

Deonne Presley

Educate Midland

Office Manager


Midland ISD Schools Served:

  • Midland High School
    • Tuesdays at MHS Library (4:15 -6:00)
  • Lee High School
    • Tuesdays at LHS Library (4:15 -6:00)
  • San Jacinto Junior High School
    • Tuesdays at San Jacinto JHS Library (4:15 -5:15)
  • Goddard Junior High School
    • Wednesdays at Goddard JHS Library (4:15 -5:15)
  • Abell Junior High School
    • Tuesdays at Abell JHS Library (4:15 -5:15)


Greenwood ISD School Served:

  • James R Brooks Middle School
    • Tuesdays at James R Brooks MS (4:15 -5:15)