At Educate Midland, our primary focus has always been to take care of our students and guide them from cradle to career. Given this challenging time, we want to ensure that we are assisting our community in any way we can, including recent updates in our district. Keep reading for more information on the intersessional calendar for the 2021-22 school year.  

The Midland ISD Broad of Education has looked closely at health research, recommendations, family and staff survey data, and updates from the Texas legislature. After a thorough discussion of the information provided and listening to public comment, the Board has approved a plan for MISD to give families an option to elect in-person instruction, in addition to distance learning.  


Concerning the Academic Calendar and its structure, we have received plenty of warranted concerns about childcare programs. The Workforce Commission agrees that there is a perpetual employment challenge and is continuously working to address these needs. We want to ensure we are assisting our students in the best way that we can. That’s why Midland ISD partnered with  Right At School to ensure families are given the option to have before school, after school, & daytime programs with distance learning support. We also understand that this option is not economically feasible for all families. We will continue to look for more opportunities to accommodate every student’s needs. In the meantime, please continue submitting any concerns. We have additional out-of-school partners that are here to help! 

Another concern we’d like to address is the requirement of teachers, staff, and other personnel. The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We understand it is essential to ensure cleaning precautions are not just being done but being done correctly. MISD continues to follow the best health practices to ensure that our community is staying safe and healthy.  

In the next two weeks, the Board of Education will be receiving data based on each child’s reading scores and progress from a combination of STAAR benchmark, i-Station, and other reading assessments administered throughout the year. MISD will discover which students need the intervention, meaning it could change based on the students’ progress throughout the year. This will vary by campus, but MISD will meet all accommodations. 

MISD will continue to provide the most qualified and trained professionals. Teachers may choose to participate but will not be required to; those who decide to work during the “intervention weeks” will receive additional compensation, paid for by the state, at no cost to you as a parent or taxpayer. The Texas Education Agency is funding Texas school systems for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year to support student learning that has been disrupted by COVID-19.  

Life is filled with uncertainty, especially during times like this. While we’ve all endured much change throughout COVID, we always look out for our community’s best interest. Remember, you know your child best, so always advocate for them. As we develop new teaching and instruction practices, please ensure that your child is not falling behind. We all agree that our students come first, and together we can do more to help all. Hang in there, Midland! 

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