4 Tips to Survive Feeling Homesick in College

By October 19, 2017College, Travel

4 Tips to Survive Feeling Homesick in College

So you’ve spent the majority of your life under the same roof as your family. They were there when you needed them for 18 years, now you have left them. You’ve traded the comfort of their home and your room for a living environment that can be cramped and lacks privacy on campus. The idea of separation from home can be exciting for some and be disheartening for others. To help you survive this feeling of homesickness we have compiled four things to keep in mind.

Being Homesick Doesn’t Make You Weird

Homesickness for many college students isn’t a matter of “if” you will miss home but “when.” Home represents comfort, so when school gets tough or uncomfortable, you long for home even more. You aren’t weird for having these feelings as almost every college student has felt this way at one point. Homesickness is part of becoming independent and growing into young adulthood, so embrace it a little.

Give Yourself Breathing Room

Homesickness can make you feel like a fish out of water and may even tempt you to return home after a few weeks. Returning home is not recommended as these growing pains can be precisely what you need. Things as simple as staying busy with school work, reading, watching Netflix, going to school events, playing intramurals and having “me” time are perfect for keeping your mind off of home. A little breathing room may be all you need for your anxieties and fears to slip away.

Stay Connected But Not Dependent On Home

There’s a difference between staying connected with home and being dependent on home. It’s good to stay connected to old friends and family, but that shouldn’t become the extent of your social life at school. When you’re having a difficult time, there’s only so much a loved one can do from a distance. The best way to get through the tough times is to build a support system of friends at your school.  

Make a “Home Away From Home”

You may not believe it now, but in the near-future, you may refer to your dorm, apartment or house at school as “home.” You’re the only one who can make yourself at home. Whether you create bonds with people down the hall, down the street, or in an organization, it’s these connections that become the familiar place you call home.


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