Christmas break is here! This means a much needed, and well-deserved break from school. With extra time on your hands, you may be brainstorming how to put your time to good use. Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your break to the fullest.

Spend quality time with your family

Once you go off to college, you most likely don’t get to see your family the way you used to. Use your break from school to enjoy quality time with your family.

Catch up with old friends

Chances are, some of your good friends may have ended up attending a different college than you. So, now that you’re home for break, it is a great time to make plans to catch up and hang out with some of your hometown friends.

Try new recipes

It’s the holiday season, which means there are plenty of seasonal recipes to try. With extra time on your hands, it’s time to put your cooking skills to the test. Pick a few of your favorite recipes and try them out. You’ll return to school with new and improved cooking skills under your belt.

Apply for scholarships

We understand school is probably one of the last things you want on your mind. However, with a break from the hustle and bustle of school, it may be the perfect time to tackle some scholarship applications. We know how hard these can be to focus on during the challenging school year, so it may be best to put forth the effort while things are a bit more relaxed.

Schedule out the remainder of the year

To finish out your school year strong, take some time to plan out your schedule for the Spring semester. Take another look at your class syllabi and ensure you are mentally prepared for the deadlines, assignments, and tests to come.

Read a book

No worries, we don’t mean a textbook. Pick up your favorite novel, or a new book you haven’t had the chance to read and dive deep into the story this break.

Netflix Marathons

This time of year is prime for new Netflix series. Park yourself on the couch, grab a snack and try tuning into a new show or re-watching an old one.