In an effort to flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus, people have been asked to stay home and continue practicing social distancing. Many have realized that summer camps, events, and vacation plans with their children are subject to be canceled, and that summer of 2020 may look a little different than usual.  

At Educate Midland, it has always been our goal to ensure that parents are able to find the educational information they are searching for. With such short notice, we understand that many parents are left scrambling to find ways of keeping their children occupied. Below, we’ve provided ways to better prepare you for a different kind of summer and how to keep your children healthy, happy, and learning at home. 


Maintain a Routine  

When facing an entire day cooped up in the house, it can be difficult for both adults and children to maintain a routine. However, setting out what you have planned each day rather than mimicking a classroom can be very beneficial. An overly top down approach to planning can cause stress, whereas a general routine throughout the next couple of weeks will be relaxed yet structured.  


Exercise and Activity  

While we may not have a normal routine of sports, children need to continue being physically active. Exercise boosts the immune system, promotes better sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety– all of which are even more vital during this time.  

Parents should aim for at least 6o minutes of activity for their children per day. However, it’s crucial to reduce the time children spend sitting or lying down; parents can break up these long periods by spreading the activity throughout the day. Exercises can be as simple as hiking in the neighborhood parks, riding bikes or scooters, swimming, dancing, or throwing a ball outside– at the end of the day, it really depends on what your children enjoy doing most.  


Socialize as Much as Possible  

While social distancing remains in full effect, there are still many ways of keeping your kids social. Children are undoubtedly missing their classmates and will crave the social aspects of the classroom. Luckily, we have the technology to fill the void. Parents can help set up playdates via skype or zoom so that children can stay in touch with friends and family members. This will help prevent self-isolation and ultimately keep your little ones happy.  


Continue Learning Where You Can 

Many schools have begun preparing educational material for children to use at home. However, many national educational firms have started offering resources from their websites. 

The National Literacy Trust has launched an online zone platform to support families during school closures by providing parents with ideas and activities to support children’s active learning. This platform includes fun activities related to reading, writing, book lists, videos, competitions, and reading challenges. 

While parents may be anxious, trying to ensure that their children are learning from home, we want you to understand that there is no need to place such an emphasis on academic work. It is also essential to spend time enjoying shared activities, building relationships, and spending quality time with your little ones. 


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