Collective Impact: A Unified Approach to Solving the World’s Biggest Problems

Collective Impact: A Unified Approach to Solving the World’s Biggest Problems

How Do you solve a problem? IF YOU THINK about it, Just about every job on earth exists to solve a problem by addressing a specific need. We’re all problem solvers in our given fields. But it isn’t breaking the news that there are some problems too big to tackle alone. Many well-equipped organizations set out with the best intentions, but big problems are big for a reason.

That said, we live in an age when big ideas can take on some pretty big obstacles, especially when organizations agree to work together. One particularly EFFECTIVE MODEL for collaboration is called Collective impact. As a framework to tackle deeply entrenched social issues, this unique structure for collaboration has proven itself all over the world in every sector of social change.

All Collective Impact Movements share several key traits: A common agenda, shared measurement systems to standardize the collection and presentation of information, mutually reinforcing activities for the communal benefit of all stakeholders, and continuous communication among all parties. Finally, the most important part of turning shared goals into meaningful action is the ability to identify and access each other’s resources. This is where non-profit organizations like Educate Midland come into play. More than just a partnership or collaborative effort, The Collective Impact Model utilizes the centralized infrastructure of a backbone organization, whose purpose is to facilitate action and communication between participating stakeholders.

This framework allows partnering organizations to share resources and expertise in order to collectively meet goals and facilitate change. By using a common agenda to alleviate specific pain points, steps can be taken to systematically address A larger issue. With the influence and expertise of a unified partnership of stakeholders, all willing to support one another and all working towards the same goal, the Collective impact model is positioned to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues from the ground up.

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