Community Partners

Community partners are vital to making an impact.

The work of Educate Midland is possible due to generous investment and support from the following:

In 2015 MISD and a small group of business and community leaders partnered with Educate Texas, a public-private partnership focused on improving the public education system so that every Texas student is prepared for success. Over a period of 22 months, Educate Texas provided technical assistance and helped guide the formation of a 40+ member Leadership Team, a Data Support Team, and 2 task force groups that provided recommendations for improving Teacher Recruitment/Retention and Facilities at MISD. While the task force groups met only temporarily, the bringing together of diverse ideas and expertise resulted in a different and long-lasting way of thinking about education in Midland. Conversations about human resources consulting, educator coaching, and alternative learning methods and theories of action have begun to take shape due to the connecting of people, ideas, and resources.

Moving forward, Educate Midland is now the “backbone organization”, responsible for convening and facilitating the Leadership Team, the Data Support Team, Future Action Networks (focus groups) and other community partners around a common agenda for education in Midland.

Community Partner Roles in Collective Impact Work

Acts as neutral convener for partners
Supports continuous improvement and data analysis
Ensures consistent internal and external communications
Serves as strategist and ensures alignment is maintained
Leadership Team
Defines vision and goals
Selects the priority outcome of individual networks
Provides facilitation and data analysis support
Provides access to decision makers, communications support, community engagement, advocacy, etc.
Action Networks
Forms to impact priority outcomes
Shares data
Analyzes strategies and practices to determine which demonstrates the greatest impact on the priority outcome
Creates action plans to implement improvements
Data Council
Defines outcome indicators
Supports and advises action networks and leadership team
Develops and publish community report card along with backbone organization
Partners & Community
Help implement and monitor proposed plans and strategies
Provide input and inform data

Community Leadership Team

Abraham Gutierrez State Farm Insurance Independent Agent 2016-2017
Alison King Warren Charitable Foundation Executive Director 2016-2017
Andy Sustaita Region 18 ESC Leadership Consultant 2017
Ben Wall Unlock Ministries Executive Director 2016-2017
Bob Rice Communities in Schools of the Permian Basin Former Executive Director 2016
Bryan Murry Midland ISD Board Member 2017
Cathy McCollum Midland ISD Teacher 2016-2017
Christine Foreman Community Parent 2016-2017
Cory Edmondson Midland Memorial Hospital Senior VP 2016-2017
David Chancellor Boys and Girls Clubs of the Permian Basin Executive Director 2016
David Watts University of Texas of the Permian Basin President 2016-2017
Dewitt Smith Region 18 ESC Executive Director 2017
Eliseo Elizondo Communities in Schools of the Permian Basin Executive Director 2016-2017
Emma Galindo Midland ISD Social Worker 2016-2017
Grant Billingsley Scharbauer Foundation Executive Director 2016-2017
Jami Owen Midland ISD Education Foundation Executive Director 2016-2017
Jay Edwards Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper COO 2016-2017
Jay Marquez Teen Flow Executive Director 2016
Jennifer Seybert Midland ISD Principal 2016-2017
Jerry Morales City of Midland Mayor 2016-2017
Jim Nelson Warren Cat Equipment CEO 2016-2017
Juanita Mendoza Wells Fargo District Manager 2016-2017
Julia Swallow The Swallow Group Vice President 2016
Karen Nicholson Midland ISD Board Member 2017
Lael Cordes-Pitts Henry Foundation Executive Director 2016-2017
Laura Roman Weaver Partner 2016-2017
Leslie Goodrum Midland ISD Principal 2016-2017
Luis Sanchez Midland County Commissioner 2016-2017
Maridell Fryar Midland Association of Retired School Personnel President 2016-2017
Mark Alexander United Way of Midland Executive Director 2016-2017
Mark Palmer Abell-Hanger Foundation Executive Director 2016-2017
Mary Livingston Midland ISD Teacher 2016
Mike Bradford Midland County Judge 2016-2017
Moriah Wallace Midland ISD Teacher 2016-2017
Orlando Riddick Midland ISD Superintendent 2017
Patci Lewis Midland Need-to-Read Executive Director 2016-2017
Patrick Jones Midland ISD Chief Academic Officer 2017
Patrick Payton Stonegate Christian Fellowship Senior Pastor 2016-2017
Pervis Evans Educate Midland Executive Director 2016-2017
Rick Davis Midland ISD Board Member 2016-2017
Robbyne Hocker-Fuller Midland African American Roots Historical Cultural Arts Council President 2016-2017
Rod Schroder Midland ISD Interim Superintendent 2016-2017
Ronnie Scott Development Capital Resources CEO 2016-2017
Rosalind Perkins Greater Ideal Family Life Center Executive Director 2016-2017
Roy Nelson State Farm Insurance Independent Agent 2016-2017
Sandy Woodley University of Texas of the Permian Basin President 2017
Scott Kidwell Concho Resources Vice President 2016-2017
Sara Whitefield Midland ISD Teacher 2016-2017
Stan VanHoozer Midland ISD Principal 2016-2017
Steve Thomas Midland College President 2016-2017
Susan Spratlen Pioneer Resources Vice President 2016-2017
Tonya Eckert Casa De Amigos Executive Director 2016-2017

Data Support Team

Name Organization Title
Elise Kail – Co-Chair Midland ISD Executive Director of Accountability and Data Systems
Jay Edwards – Co-Chair Parkhill, Smith & Cooper COO
Pervis Evans Educate Midland Executive Director
Deana Savage Midland College Special Advisor to the President
Denise Watts University of Texas of the Permian Basin Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness
Rebecca Meyers First 5 Research Analyst
Michelle Evans United Way of Midland Director of Community Impact
Monica Hernandez Midland ISD Director of Accountability
Jamye Swinford Region 18 ESC Leadership Consultant
Mary Smith Retired Educator Retired Educator
Ryan Farmer City of Midland Right of Way Manager
Suzanne Rathbun University of Texas of the Permian Basin Psychology Professor

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Task Force in 2016

Tyson Taylor
Pioneer Natural Resources
Natasha Morgan
Midland College
James Riggen
Paul Hooper
Woodrow Bailey
David Garcia
Darrell Dunton
Admarc Marketing and Advertising
Michele Harmon-Cobb
Retired Teacher
Warren Cottle
MISD Teacher – Midland HS
Julie Alfon
David Meek
Ed Zachary
Carol Staggs
UT Permian Basin
Stefanie Pate
Rick Davis
Irene Garcia
Patrick Jones
Cindy Fouts
Region 18
Roberta SoloRio
Midland Memorial
Socorro Gutierrez
MISD Teacher – Washington
Jill Rivera

Facilities Task Force in 2016

Jim Rhotenberry
Rhotenberry & Wellen
Gary Vandergriff
Vandergriff & Associates
Walter Pate
Pate & Associates
Rachel Stone
Hispanic Chamber
Jay Edwards
Parkhill, Smith & Cooper
Ryder Warren
Rick Davis
Patrick Jones
David Garcia
James Riggen
Jeff Horner
Tom Holly
Randy Rowe
Mark Palmer
Abell-Hanger Foundation
Grant Billingsley
Scharbauer Foundation
Ronnie Scott
Henry Foundation
Lauren Lawson
Jill Pennington
David, Gerald & Cremer
Kevin Sparks
Discovery Operating
Keitha Butler
MISD PTA President
Angela Joiner
Southwest Bank
Frank Salvato
City of Midland
Ignacio Lopez
LPZ Enterprises, LLC
Joseph Willis
Former Teacher, Communication Consultant
Greg Galvan
Republic State Mortgage
Bob Watkins
Retired Teachers
Matt Medley
MISD Teacher – Midland FHS
Tim Ericson
MISD Teacher – Alamo JH
Kim Weaver
MISD Teacher – Greathouse

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