We are excited to announce that Educate Midland, together with the Education Partnership of the Permian Basin were selected as a grantee for the second phase of Advance Together. Advance Together is an initiative of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas that promotes economic inclusion through cross-sector, collaborative leadership.  

As an Advance Together grantee, our program is receiving $300,000 from philanthropic funders to implement our plans to tackle education and workforce challenges in our region and training and coaching to increase the impact of our programs. 

The Advance Together mission is to ensure the benefits of a strong economy are available to everyone. Across the U.S., many people face barriers in building economic mobility and resilienceObstacles such as complex structural issues limit access to education, jobs, credit, capital, and much more. While different communities face different challenges, Advance Together aims to provide selected partnerships with training, technical assistance, and external funding to strengthen each community’s collaboration and achieve its goals.  

We would like to thank The United Way of Midland, The United Way of Odessa, The Permian Basin Workforce Board, and ACCESS for SUCCESS, who were all valued contributors to the process, and who we look forward to working with throughout the next several years to implement this grant! 

Learn more about the Advance Together Program in the video below, or visit the program’s website. We can’t wait to share more with you as we move further into the implementation stage.