How do we facilitate conversation between education stakeholders around a common goal? What are some of the world’s best practices in education? Which education leaders will help build community awareness and motivation for educational excellence? These are some of the questions that led Educate Midland to present the Education Impact Series.

Sponsored by the Abell-Hanger Foundation, the series was created to bring in some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders in education and learning and serves as a catalyst to motivate and challenge our entire community to reach for excellence in education.

The first featured guest presenter was Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized expert on creativity and innovation. He is an acclaimed Ted Conference veteran and his Ted Talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” has been viewed online nearly 50 million times!  Throughout the evening, Sir Ken used his wit, intelligence, experience and authoritative speaking style to weave an inspiring portrait of the importance of allowing children to find and thrive in their element.

Sir Ken’s lecture was preceded by several performances featuring area Students and an Education Resource Fair during which the community was invited to come and interact with a variety of local organizations representing the education system and supporting sectors. Hundreds of parents, students, educators, business leaders and community members attended and reported highly on the impact of the evening.

We hope to continue to facilitate events like this in order to empower students and educators and connect them with people and resources to help the education system in Midland achieve its full potential.

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