Fun Activities for Children with Learning Disabilities

By October 17, 2017Education

Fun Activities for Children with Learning Disabilities

Just like any other child, kids with learning disabilities desire to achieve success, have a sense of belonging and receive validation. Academic struggles can damage confidence and ability for ones to learn effectively. However, by providing extracurricular outlets, children can discover their unique sense of accomplishment. Below we have provided a few examples of beneficial activities any child can be a part of.

Performing Arts

Performing on stage or with a group of people can benefit any child’s social skills. Acting in theater builds a camaraderie with other students, and helps a child’s reading and verbal communication skills. Picking up a musical instrument can provide a constructive outlet where a student can measure progress, establish a routine, and set goals for themselves.  


Art is a therapeutic way for learning disabled children to communicate their thoughts and feelings creatively. It can provide students with the ability to think visually and convey emotion in a way that is not spoken or written. Art is an excellent way for children to express themselves and enhance self-esteem.


Sports provide opportunities to improve self-image and strategizing skills. The experience of working in a team improves collaborative skills and provides many social opportunities. Sports are often credited with instilling a “growth mindset” into participants. A growth mindset is developed when individuals practice their sport ritually and observe areas where they can improve through hard work.


Extracurricular clubs such as chess, martial arts, student council, and various other activities are often available at your local school. Getting your student plugged in with activities that will provide the opportunity to grow, succeed, and measure their personal improvement is beneficial to a child’s overall mental development and well-being.


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