Educate Midland is excited to announce that House Bill 3, (HB 3), has officially been passed and is being put into action. This school finance bill was passed by the 86th Texas Legislature and signed by Governor Greg Abbott to better support and reward teacher excellence, focus on learning and improving student outcomes, increase district funding and equity, and reduce and reform property taxes and recapture.

In our previous blog over this amazing new bill, Citizens Committee Bond Proposal 2019, we explained what HB 3 was generally, and the details of the bond proposed. However, we did not go into detail about what this would mean for MISD and the exciting new direction our community is heading. Here are some of the benefits our district will experience with this bill in motion:

Improving College, Career, Military Readiness (CCMR)

Educate Midland is always dedicated to our student’s academic journey. From cradle to career, we are invested in ensuring our youth is given the right tools to succeed in whatever their goals, plans, and passions are. CCMR is just one of the amazing opportunities implemented to help students flourish after high school. By giving students specific tools and resources as early as elementary school, we are better preparing them to get where they want to go. Whether it’s college, trade school, or the military, CCMR can ensure that more students are prepared for the real world when they are handed that diploma.

Additionally, each CCMR program requires the Board of Trustees to develop plans that set specific annual goals. If those goals are met, the district is given a CCMR Outcomes Bonus with funding paid for each annual graduate above a certain threshold percentage.

We’ve calculated the runs (how much funding a district will receive) for both Midland ISD and Greenwood ISD to help you understand how beneficial this could be when we reward outcomes.

More Funding, More Opportunities

With this additional district funding, we are able to assist in opening many new doors for growth for our students, faculty, and families in our community. The Citizens Committee Bond approval has not only allowed for many new changes in education but the growth and expansion of many of our local schools as well. Each year, more and more students enroll in MISD, and we have reached student capacity at all secondary campuses. This bond allows for the construction, expansion, and remodeling of the following schools, including the addition of advanced technology, to ensure that our students are equipped, comfortable, and safe:

  • Construct Two New Comprehensive High Schools
  • Renovate/Expand Existing Lee High School Site
  • Fully Utilize and Repurpose Existing Midland High School Site
  • Fully Utilize and Repurpose Existing San Jacinto Junior High Site
  • Safety and Security Upgrades at Secondary Campuses
  • Technology Upgrades at Secondary Campuses
  • Select Capital Replacement at Secondary Campuses
  • Athletic / Site Improvements at Existing JH/Freshman Campuses (going from 4-6 and reconfiguration)
  • Add 1200 seats for Pre-k

Educate Midland is excited to support House Bill 3 and cannot wait to see the improvement in our academic community. We hope this information helps you begin to visualize the bigger picture of our community coming together to help our students flourish in whatever path they choose. Click here for more information on HB 3 and the benefits it entails!