When your child’s at home, you are their teacher, but not everything has to feel like a classroom lesson. Get your kids excited about discovering something new by making it fun and interactive. We have compiled several engaging and effective activities that you can do with your kids to encourage them to learn at home.  

 Play learning games 

Learning games are important because they not only teach your kids skills at hand, but they also bring lessons to life. A scavenger hunt is an easy and hands-on way to get your child excited to learn. For younger children, help them learn the basics by including animals, numbers, colors, and shapes. For older children, adapt the game to cover history, geography, anatomy, or biology. When it comes to learning games, the only limit is your imagination! 

 Practice writing 

Writing is a skill that your children will use throughout their lives. Make writing more interesting by going above and beyond pencil to paper. Let them trace, connect the dots, draw letters in shaving cream, or use Play-Doh to shape letters. Fun activities like these will keep your children entertained and better prepared for the time they spend in school. 

 Teach math  

Finding everyday math activities at home helps children recognize math in the real world. Opportunities to explore math with your children are everywhere. For example, having your child help you prepare dinner not only gives you an extra set of hands but also offers an opportunity to learn. Teach your child about measurements for recipes, ask them to count out the number of ingredients you need, and for more of a challenge, you can give them an equation.  

At-home science experiments 

Hands-on experiments encourage children to develop their observational and critical thinking skills – see, touch, smell, ask questions, experiment. Encouraging your child to get into science will enable them to make discoveries of their own. Science experiments can be as simple as using gumdrops and toothpicks to make shapes or teaching about bacteria with the germs scatter experiment (all it takes is water, dish soap, and pepper). And remember, kids learn more when they’re involved in the learning! 

Get artsy  

Art is one of the best ways for children to express themselves. While it may seem like they’re just making a mess, it can be important for motor skills as well as enhance their decision-making skills. Enjoy arts and crafts like making paper plate instruments, macaroni necklaces, or painting. Many are so simple and you probably already have the supplies! 


Ready to get started? Here are a few resources we have found that provide great resources for learning at home