Our “Am My Child’s First Teacher” resource page was developed to help parents take ownership of the formative years of their children’s lives. 

This blog series, paired with short accompanying videos, is meant to highlight key areas in which parents can take an active role in their child’s early development and help prepare them for school 

Did you know your child’s birth weight quadruples by the time they turn two? A healthy diet can help support this rapid growth and development. Proper nutrition and lots of exercises are the building blocks for strong growth, healthy development, and the lifelong wellbeing of children. Here, you’ll find a few steps you can take to promote a healthy diet for your little ones.   

I Am My Child’s First Teacher – A Healthy Diet 


Limit sugary foods   

Limiting your child’s exposure to added sugars will help contribute to a healthy start! Instead of artificial sugary cereal’s for breakfast, try a whole wheat brand and add in slices of bananas or berries for flavor. Also, by substituting soda, juices, and sports drinks for water with fruits such as lemon, oranges, or frozen berries, will keep your children hydrated. Children can enjoy sweetened foods and drinks in smaller amounts, but it is essential to offer a variety of healthier options every day!    

Encouraging fruits and vegetables   

Encouraging your children to eat fruits and vegetables ensures healthy growth and development. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which promote good health. There are also a variety of options that provide a rich source of antioxidants, instead of sugary snack and fast food, which are high in fat and sugar. The benefits of fruits and vegetables will then strengthen a child’s immune system and fight against diseases, both now and in the future.     

Playing games  

Playing games is more than just having fun; it is crucial for a child’s optimal development. Playtime allows children to use their creativity while developing their dexterity, imagination, and physical, cognitive, and emotional health. Games should be child-driven as they will practice decision-making skills and discover areas of interest; this is also an excellent time for parents as it offers an opportunity to engage with your children!    

Put music on and dance together  

While we all know that music and dancing are fun activities, children especially love to move around and make noise. This is another vital part of a child’s development; dancing, singing, and playing music teaches children how to interact with other people, objects, and the world around them. So, get your child singing and dancing as it will benefit them in so many ways and you’ll be sure to have fun too!  


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