Through our new “I am my child’s first teacher” video series, we hope to shed light on school preparedness. Did you know that nearly half of Midland Country preschool children are not ready to advance to kindergarten? If your child is not prepared for kindergarten, that could mean that they will always be behind and struggle in school. It can be challenging to catch up academically when starting behind other children in the classroom. Luckily, there are steps you can take to properly prepare your child for what’s ahead. Keep reading for ideas and actions to ensure your kid is ready to conquer kinder. 

Read to them 

Reading to your child is one of the easiest, yet most essential steps to preparing your child for school. This can be taking the time to read to them before bed or merely practicing reading signs when waiting for the bus or in a restaurant. Taking the time to read to your child helps them feel better connected with you as a parent and more comfortable reading by themselves. If you find your child getting frustrated, be patient! Keep reading sessions short and take turns reading.  

Reduce screen time 

Screen time, like anything else, can be good in moderation. Start by limiting the time allowed for TV or tablets. Then, get involved with your child by encouraging playing outdoors, sports, games, or dancing! Any activity, especially with a parent involved, will help early childhood development. And who knows—maybe they’ll forget about screen time after all! 

Play with them 

Playing with your child can do so much for your child’s happiness, well-being, and, in turn, education. Taking your child to play outside or to the park will not only improve their physical health but their maturity and ability to play with other children in a social setting. All these factors are essential in preparing your child for kindergarten, and simply playing with your child today can make an impact in their tomorrow.  

It’s more than just knowing the ABC’s 

Preparing your child for kindergarten is more than merely teaching them the ABC’s. While the alphabet is an important step, other necessary steps include growing your child’s language and cognitive development, communication skills, physical health and well-being, social competence, and emotional maturity. When all of these areas are implemented, your child is much more likely to conquer kinder. 

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