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Impact Story: A Culture of Ownership

The Collective Impact process is all about a community of partners working together to achieve a goal no one of them could accomplish on their own. Our mission at Educate Midland is to help facilitate these interactions and serve as the backbone for progress as the community seeks to address deeply entrenched social issues. What follows is an example of what can be achieved through effective use of the Collective Impact Model.

Over the past few years, Midland Memorial Hospital has adopted a “culture-of-ownership” program as a new way of doing business. Developed by leadership consultant, Joe Tye of Values Coach, the program is part of staff development and helps align staff members’ personal values with those of the hospital. This approach has resulted in positive cultural changes and higher nurse retention rates.

When Joe Tye and staff from Midland Memorial Hospital presented to the Educate Midland Leadership Team about the success of the culture-of-ownership program at the hospital, participants got a glimpse of what a collective impact strategy might look like. What if a results-based strategy for cultural change and staff retention at the hospital could be leveraged to support the desired cultural change and teacher retention in the school district?

A need was evident. A proven idea had presented itself, and existing assets were available. This collaborative idea had come up before, but perhaps now that a wider spectrum of the entire community was connecting and focusing on education improvement, the time seemed right for community leaders to revisit this opportunity and to make this concept a reality. What might have started out as a conversation or idea between a small group of citizens resulted in community members, a school district, a hospital, a foundation, and a consulting agency, coming together so that school personnel could be trained on a proven strategy with the potential to shift the school culture. The Warren Charitable Foundation made it possible for diverse members of the community to be trained by Joe Tye and to introduce a culture-of-ownership program to Midland ISD personnel throughout the district. The outcome of this partnership continues to unfold.

This is an example of the collective impact process… an empowered community, makes connections, shares an agenda, aligns resources, leverages community assets, and monitors progress so that continuous improvement is more likely to occur over time.

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