When Ben and Trisha Wall of Unlock Ministries became aware of and involved with the work of Educate Midland, they got to thinking; What more could they do to impact the students at MISD, specifically in the area of early literacy, an area in which they have both found a passion? With years of experience in child and young adult mentorship through Unlock Ministry’s Opp Camps, Ben and Trisha wanted to take their passion for mentorship and student development into the schools, and saw an opportunity to create a unique and purposeful program. They approached the school district with the idea for a pilot program.

With the support of MISD and community volunteers, they sought to develop a mentorship program within Midland’s elementary schools to aid in students’ continued growth outside of the classroom. This idea developed into Fun Clubs, a weekly lunch time program aimed at increasing literary fluency by reading to students as they eat. The results were almost instantly recognizable. Not only did students increase their fluency in reading, but they began to look forward to time spent eating, learning, and building relationships with their mentors.

From 17 volunteers serving 111 kids on 2 campuses, the program has grown to 50 volunteers serving 283 kids on 8 campuses every week of the school year! However, there is still work to be done and children to be served. With a program limited only by its number of volunteers, there is always an opportunity to get involved.

Please consider becoming a mentor with Fun Clubs. There are no prerequisites, only a desire to pour into our students and see them grow. Half an hour a week is all it takes to make a real and lasting investment!

To learn more about becoming a Fun Club Mentor for the coming school year, visit opcamp.com or contact:

Trisha Wall
Program Director

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