Middle Grade Achievement

As students transition from early learners to adolescents, they are experiencing rapid growth and change. Connecting students in grades 4-8 with the resources and community support needed to further their academic and personal development is critical.



73% of Texas students passed Fourth Grade Math on the STAAR test last school year. Only 63% of Midland students passed.

What happens in fourth-grade math can follow your child throughout the rest of their education. A Midland child who does not succeed at this level will have trouble in math for the next four years. Research shows the concepts learned in the fourth grade, including fraction and division, are crucial for middle and high school achievement.  

If we increase our passing rate, more Midland kids will go to college. It might seem like an exaggeration, but your child’s performance here is a predictor of college attendance. This is unique to math. Students at ages 6, 8 and 10 who do not perform well in math testing are less likely to attend college than students who struggle with other subjects.

At Educate Midland, our goal is to increase the percentage of students proficient in mathematics by Fourth Grade to 80%.


Math could jumpstart our country’s economy.

How can your child’s performance in Algebra 1 have an impact on the economy? Experts say if we just improve our math proficiency in the United States to that of our neighbors in Canada, our economic growth would improve by 1.5% each year. That translates to $75 trillion dollars being pumped back into the US economy.

Algebra is a gatekeeper subject.

Students who study and master Algebra I middle school unlock the key potential for success in a more complicated, high school level mathematics. This translates to a higher level of preparedness entering College or University. 23% of incoming college freshmen fail placement tests for college math and end up in remedial courses, meaning they have to attend school longer in order to graduate, while paying extra for the additional coursework

If we can focus on Algebra 1 now, it will pay off for our children in the long run.

At Educate Midland, our goal is to increase the percentage of students proficient in Algebra 1 to 85%.