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Educate Midland is both a non-profit entity and a community initiative in Midland, Texas with a mission to empower and align our whole community by connecting people, ideas, and resources with opportunity and hope so that all students achieve their highest educational potential.

History of Educate Midland

Midland, Texas has a strong reputation of quality service and excellent performance. However, Educate Midland was formed after a group of concerned civic, business, philanthropic, and educational leaders recognized a teacher shortage and an academic downturn in many of Midland’s public schools. The group came together to discuss how they might collaboratively work to ensure ALL Midland education institutions can provide students with a strong foundation that will prepare them to be successful in the 21st century.


Educate Midland works to empower the entire community to take ownership for student achievement. That means giving voice to the many stakeholders in the Midland education system. Students, parents, educators, businesses, foundations, community-based organizations, and community leaders all have a voice and a role to play in determining what key educational goals and indicators matter most to the community.


Much of the collaborative efforts of Educate Midland involve connecting what matters to the community with the people, ideas, and resources that can make it happen. Establishing these connections in the Midland education system helps to foster clear communication and to ensure that we adhere to a common agenda with shared measurements of success


Once we define the goals of the community, we use data to identify proven methods for reaching those goals, and we align our resources to leverage what works to the areas of greatest need. This process of continuous improvement helps us to sustain community goals over time and to better ensure that all students achieve their highest educational potential.

After much exploration and discussion, the community group came across a framework called collective impact that is being utilized in communities across Texas and the United States.

By the fall of 2015, a consultant group, Educate Texas, was brought in to facilitate the collective impact process in Midland and to help build capacity for an “anchor” or “backbone” entity to sustain the work. In 2016, Educate Midland chartered a Leadership Team, made up of over 40 partnering leaders from the education, business, philanthropic, nonprofit, and government sectors. Additionally, a Board of Directors began the process of establishing and governing the backbone organization and hired its first staff member. A common agenda was determined that focuses on important academic milestones for a child from cradle to career, and the process of continuous improvement has begun.

Our investors are helping all students achieve

Connecting people, ideas, and resources