Educate Midland has always been dedicated to giving students and their families as many resources and opportunities to expand their education. Getting students from cradle to career is at the heart of this organization. As a result, we are excited to head in a new direction to ensure that more students are prepared to take that next step after high school.

Educate Midland has placed itself to be the ultimate resource for getting kids on a CCMR, (College, Career, Military Readiness), track early. It’s never too early to begin planning for college or career. Even as early as kindergarten, young students are beginning to understand different occupations.

CCMR: 6th-8th Grade

In 6th grade, students start exploring different career paths that interest them. Then, in 7th and 8th grade, students will begin to explore course options they would like to pursue in high school to achieve those post-high-school goals. Deciding early between a 2 or 4-year college, apprenticeships or trade school, or even entering the military can put students on the right track early for their academic career.

CCMR: High School

As students enter the 9th grade, they are now officially in high school! While many freshmen may not be thinking about a career after high school just yet, CCMR is a great way to get them considering career paths that interest them. It will also inform them of the local employment needs of our community.  Freshman and Sophomore year, students will begin taking courses that lead to graduation endorsements geared towards 2 or 4-year colleges, apprenticeships or training, or the military.

Entering junior year, students are well into planning for college and career after high school. At this level, course options begin to solidify programs of study that lead to five options for graduation endorsements on the foundation high school plan. Many students entering the 11th grade may qualify for multiple college-level courses offered at the high school and even choose to visit college campuses they are considering!

As their final year approaches, senior students will be challenged to take a course load that prepares them for college and career. Students in grade 12 begin to finalize academic decisions as they plan for their lives after high school.

Mutual Goal = “My Plan”

By encouraging and assisting students to create a plan early on, we give them the tools, resources, and courses that can prepare them to reach that goal. Educate Midland is excited to support programs such as CCMR that help get children on the right track throughout their time in school. CCMR gives students, faculty, and families an amazing opportunity to help as many children reach their goals as possible, and Educate Midland is proud to be an integral part of it.