Educate Midland is excited to implement “My Plan” in 2020. My Plan is a community engagement concept that sheds light on the culture of school readiness. A surprising portion of educational stakeholders, including parents, students, and the community at large, do not have a well-established view of what it means to be “ready” for different grade levels and developmental stages throughout the learning process. For this reason, Educate Midland believes in serving as a centralized hub of information, resources, community involvement, and more.

The Goal

Educate Midland’s overarching initiative has always remained the same: promote educational preparedness from childhood to career. Through My Plan, we will give more students, parents, educators, and our community as a whole, the resources to grow and develop in any stage of life. Our goal is to engage students of any age, race, gender, and socio-economic background, meet them where they are in their education journey, and connect them with the resources they need to create a plan that will lead them successfully through their education into adulthood.

The Plan

At Educate Midland, we will help as many community members as possible by cultivating internal initiatives and promoting external resources. As an advocate and supporter of early childhood education and “I Am My Child’s First Teacher Educate Midland plans to give as many parents the tools they need to help their child succeed to their utmost potential. However, we understand that early childhood education is only the beginning. That’s why we are dedicated to assisting students throughout their entire educational journey and will promote resources for students joining the real-world after high school. 


Educate Midland understands that our students’ journeys’ do not end in high school. That’s why we are committed to preparing our students for anything they choose to do after graduation, whether it be college, career, or the military. The end goal of the plans made throughout a student’s Social Emotional Learning journey is to bring them through their schooling fully prepared to take the next step into adulthood, whether that be college, entering the work-force, attending trade school, or enlisting in the military. The CCMR is a series of indicators which gauge student readiness throughout their education, and is a strong benchmark in accountability as students and those invested in their growth develop plans for preparedness.

One Team, One Dream

Student education and preparedness is a team effort. Providing resources and opportunities for students at all stages of the learning process requires not only the efforts of parents, educators, and the students themselves, but a vast web of partnerships throughout the community, education system and government. With our new My Plan in full effect, we can help our community grow to be its very best and reach our common goal: student success. Together, we have the power to support our students as they prepare for success in school and beyond.


Visit our new website for more information on My Plan, or visit our Resources for all students, parents, and educators.