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Educate Midland believes that grade-level readiness and education competency is a full community effort. Parents, Students, and Educators all need to be working independently on improvement, while working together to make sure a common vision is being worked towards.

Race, Equity, and Social Justice - Awareness and Early Education


Let’s Talk: How to Talk to Kids about Race
Talking about Multi-Racial Families
How to Help Kids Navigate Difficult Times
5 Engaging Questions to Discover Your Child’s Thinking
NPR: Talking Race with Young Children

Common Sense Media

Books with Characters of Color
Black History Movies that Tackle Racism
Movies that Inspire Kids to Change the World
CNN: How to talk to your children about protests and racism
Raising Equity: Helping people understand and create systemic change
The Brown Bookshelf: Black Voices Writing for Young Readers

School Options

School Options and What to Look For
MISD Rezoning Map



Midland ISD
Greenwood ISD
See How Your School Ranks!
What is the role of a School Board?
Public School Finance

Commit Partnership - Data Dashboards and Resources

Statewide Data Dashboards
School Board Goal Setting Resources


I am my child’s first teacher

Empowering Parents to invest in their children’s early education.
Dad & Mom Coloring Page
Mom & Son Coloring Page
Dad & Daughter Coloring Page
How to Be Your Child’s First Teacher
“Growing Your Child’s Learning Muscles” (growth mindset)

Age Appropriate Preparation

Does my child qualify for Pre-K?: TEA Family Resources
Pre-K Three Year Old Guide – Understanding What Your Child Will Learn
Pre-K Four Year Old Guide – Understanding What Your Child Will Learn
Child Care for Parents
The Importance of Early Learning
Bright By Text – Activities, games and resources for your early learner sent right to your phone.
How to read with your child at home
Letter Recognition Charts
Free Tools
Child Development Basics
Early Development & Well-being
Free Tips Right To Your Phone
Power of Words in Early Reading (POWER)


Math Warm-ups
Reading Resources
Tutoring Resources
Middle Galaxy: A fun way to learn about college and career
Dude Where’s My Transition Plan?
Amigo, ¿dónde está mi plan de transición?

High School and Post-Secondary


1 to 1 Tutoring – Free, focused, after school tutoring in the Permian Basin
Informational Video
2020 Tutoring Schedule

Why is FAFSA Important?

FAFSA Required to Graduate
FAFSA Information and Helpful links for Parents
Helpful videos and tips for filling out FAFSA
Completing the FAFSA Form: The complete guide to fill out the FAFSA application


Permian Basin Area Foundation
Midland College

CCMR (college, career, military readiness)

CCMR: Ten things you should know
Parent’s Corner: A parent’s guide to help your child apply for college, how to pay for college, and how to become college ready
Cradle to Career: Preparing From Birth to After High School
Texas On Course- Break down educational preparedness by grade level, and find helpful links and important dates
Interest Indicator- A free, quick “career-survey” to help students begin thinking about their interests and how to make money from them! Compare occupations with specifics like salary and availability
Lifestyle and Occupation Calculator. Learn how much your child’s future living expenses will cost, and the amount of money they will need to earn to pay for them.
The Future of Work: Will You Be Prepared?
Dude Where’s My Transition Plan?
Amigo, ¿dónde está mi plan de transición?

Students with

Navigate Life Texas
Special Populations: Meeting Specific Needs of Your Child
West Texans Serving Individuals & Their Families