Community partners are vital to making an impact

The work of Educate Midland is possible due to an active partnership and support from the following:

In 2015 MISD and a small group of business and community leaders partnered with Educate Texas, a public-private partnership focused on improving the public education system so that every Texas student is prepared for success. Over a period of 22 months, Educate Texas provided technical assistance and helped guide the formation of a 40+ member Leadership Team, a Data Support Team, and 2 task force groups that provided recommendations for improving Teacher Recruitment/Retention and Facilities at MISD. While the task force groups met only temporarily, the bringing together of diverse ideas and expertise resulted in a different and long-lasting way of thinking about education in Midland. Conversations about human resources consulting, educator coaching, and alternative learning methods and theories of action have begun to take shape due to the connecting of people, ideas, and resources.

Moving forward, Educate Midland is now the “backbone organization”, responsible for convening and facilitating the Leadership Team, the Data Support Team, Future Action Networks (focus groups) and other community partners around a common agenda for education in Midland.


Every student deserves the opportunity and the access to achieve academic success. Education is the vehicle to the future.

Leadership Team -

is comprised of a cross-sector of community members that have agreed to prioritize education for all and work together to set goals to measure the progress of the community.

Hispanic Leadership Team -

is our group of parents that meet specifically to discuss the needs of our most vulnerable and culturally sensitive populations of our community.

Early Childhood Action Network (ECAN) -

team of experts in early childhood development, childcare, teaching, home visiting, health and wellness, and workforce meeting to discuss the challenges and opportunities for our early learners.

Community Secondary/Postsecondary Action Network (CSPAN) -

team of educators, parents, principals, administrators, higher education professors and personnel, industry leaders and nonprofit partners discussing the needs of the community for students preparing for life after graduation.