At Educate Midland, we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an extraordinary impact on lives across the globe. As families adjust to a new normal during the coronavirus pandemic, orders to social distance require everyone to make significant changes to daily lives and routines. While many overcome these new obstacles, it is crucial to protect our children and continue supporting their healthy social development.   

This is a challenging time, particularly for families with children. Closures of schools and businesses have upended schedules, forced friends and family members to distance from one another, and many parents have lost their jobs– anon top of all of thisparents are trying to keep their children engaged in “virtual” learning.   

We know it’s hard, but parents try your best to not stress excessively about schoolwork. You may have heard the term, “this is not virtual learning, this is crisis learning.” Social and emotional trauma prevents the brain from learning. Therefore, it is essential for parents and children alike to practice social and emotional learning and to keep their minds sharp and engaged.  If our children come through this pandemic socially and emotionally sound, teachers will be more apt to pick up academically where they’ve left off.    

We are here to guide, support and educate you while providing the most up to date resources that we can.  Just remember, the first step in the process of social emotional learningis to take a deep breath.  We are all in this togetherand together, we shall get through it.    


Supporting your child through the pandemic    

In today’s world, children are constantly receiving new information, whether it be from the television they’ve watched, overheard from adult conversations, or learned from friends. Children are bound to have confusion or misunderstanding of current circumstances. Parents may not be aware of the fears that their child could have or misconceptions when trying to make sense of this unusual situation.    

We encourage parents to speak to their children and find out what they know about the coronavirus pandemic. Having an open discussion will then help parents determine how they should resolve any fears or concerns their child may have and help them gain a better understanding of the situation. Helping your child now will better prepare them to enter the real world.   


Additional resources    

As of 2020, Educate Midland has included several resources to our website to ensure parents can find the educational information they are searching for. As the ‘one-stop-shop’ information hub, visit our new website to find several resources regarding “I am my child’s first teacher,” ways to assist in early childhood development, and much more. Together, we can make a difference in our children’s education.     


 “If you’re having an especially tough day with your kids, let them know. As you tuck them into bed, say, ‘Today was rough. We will try again tomorrow’ Kiss them goodnight, remind them of your endless love, and give your heart a rest because not every day can be easy, and we will have days that wear on us. Be gentle to yourself. Be gentle to your children, and just try again tomorrow.”  ~ author unknown