How Technology Can Enhance Education

By September 20, 2017Education

How Technology Can Enhance Education

Technology has created a pathway for students and teachers to escape the normal confines of a classroom and explore sites and programs that enhance the learning experience. Videos, presentation software, BlackBoard, clickers, and online classes are all innovations that have helped broaden how we view traditional teaching.  

Most educational technologies take what students learn in a lesson and make it a tangible, visual, and overall much more real experience. Clickers, for example, allow students to answer questions and receive feedback in real time. The feedback students receive can be a valuable learning experience in seeing what they did right or wrong. This kind of real-time feedback as opposed to waiting for a graded paper.

Technology allows our students to have a visual experience a chalkboard alone can’t give them. Innovations such as presentation software, videos, games, and video conferences offer a more visually stimulating and involved experience. Imagine whole classrooms engaged in conversation with Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders via video conference. These kinds of experiences may only come once, but they can have a large impact in inspiring our students’ futures.

The numerous benefits that technology affords the education is becoming more and more realized. Campuses from kindergarten to college are utilizing games, tablets, and laptops in a way that students can relate to in our digital world. The relationship is mutual, technology will keep pushing education forward and education will keep pushing technology forward.

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