Collective Impact

Educate Midland + Community = Achievement

What is Collective Impact?

What can I do to help our kids?

Click each button to learn more.

What is Collective Impact?

What can I do to help our kids?

Click each button to learn more.

As a Parent

  • Provide a variety of reading materials in your home and read regularly to your child.
  • Help your child with homework or find a family member or friend who can help each day.
  • Substitute TV watching with conversation, physical activity, reading, and educational games.
  • Make sure your child goes to school ready to learn every day by having a proper breakfast beforehand.
  • Talk with your child’s teacher on a regular basis to find out how your child is doing and see if there are any areas that need improvement.
  • Make sure your child attends school regularly.
  • Find a tutoring or mentoring organization that can help your child, if necessary.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of postsecondary education and the impact it will have on their future.
  • Seek opportunities to expand your own education.
  • Seek assistance in developing a financial plan for your child’s education, including learning more about financial aid and scholarships.
  • Make sure your child receives regular checkups from a pediatrician or family doctor

As a Teacher

  • Help parents understand how their child is doing in reading and how they are meeting proficiency standards across all grade levels
  • Warmly greet young people when you encounter them, wherever you encounter them
  • Attend youth events
  • If you are an experienced teacher, consider being a mentor or coach for a teacher newer to the profession.
  • Join a professional learning community to share your knowledge and expertise with other

As a Volunteer

  • Help create a community conversation around the importance of literacy in the early grades and about the importance of postsecondary education.
  • Become a tutor and help children in kindergarten through third grade learn to read.
  • Become a mentor and help high school students graduate and move on to college or other training.
  • Invite Educate Midland representatives to talk to your church group or social group.
  • Mentor a young person.
  • Donate books to early childhood programs.

As a Business Owner / Employer

  • Promote the advantages of high-quality early childhood education to your employees.
  • Encourage your employees to become tutors or mentors.
  • Provide time off for your employees to meet with their child’s teachers and/or volunteer.
  • Provide scholarship assistance or summer employment to college students who attended a MISD high school.
  • Provide internships, apprenticeships and job-shadowing opportunities for youth.
  • Share your career expertise with students by participating in local career fairs and events.

As a Church Member or Leader

  • Host meetings to encourage discussion about education within your congregation.
  • Encourage school-age children to attend school regularly and, if needed, to get connected to mentors or tutors.
  • Encourage adults to become more involved in the education of the children in their lives.
  • Encourage high school students to apply for college and for financial aid and scholarships

As a Philanthropist

  • Fund what has proven to work in boosting academic achievement and post-secondary success.

Community Partner Roles in Collective Impact Work

Acts as neutral convener for partners
Supports continuous improvement and data analysis
Ensures consistent internal and external communications
Serves as strategist and ensures alignment is maintained
Leadership Team
Defines vision and goals
Selects the priority outcome of individual networks
Provides facilitation and data analysis support
Provides access to decision makers, communications support, community engagement, advocacy, etc.
Action Networks
Forms to impact priority outcomes
Shares data
Analyzes strategies and practices to determine which demonstrates the greatest impact on the priority outcome
Creates action plans to implement improvements
Data Council
Defines outcome indicators
Supports and advises action networks and leadership team
Develops and publish community report card along with backbone organization
Partners & Community
Help implement and monitor proposed plans and strategies
Provide input and inform data